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SFERRA is strictly following the guidance of the World Health Organization and local state authorities to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. We are monitoring the situation closely to ensure all appropriate health and sanitary standards are maintained in our facilities.

Our fulfillment centers are currently operational and will continue to ship orders in the U.S. and all major locations globally. If anything changes, we will update this page with the latest status.

We ship our products via UPS. Please visit the UPS website for information regarding their response to Covid-19.


What is a percale or sateen?

When buying sheets, the most important factor is how it feels to you, and a fabric’s weave is a strong indicator of feel. The differences between these two most popular weaves create two camps of sleepers.

Those who prefer percale are drawn to the cool crispness that the tight percale weave offers. It is at once smooth and soft, with a matte hand that is livable and unfussy. For the technically curious, this is created by weaving one weft yarn over a warp yarn, then under the next warp yarn, and continuing in the one-over one-under pattern.

Sateen lovers celebrate its lustrous sheen and silk-like handfeel. The ultra-smooth and almost slippery feel is a sensory experience that goes hand-in-hand with its more formal and luminous appearance. A sateen weave differs from percale in that the weft yarn may pass over two or more warp yarns, before weaving under, thus creating the smooth sheen.

How do I care for my linens?

All of our linens are accompanied by a care guide booklet, and specific instructions can be found on the care label sewn onto your SFERRA linens.

For all machine-washable fine linens, use only a mild liquid detergent free of added bleach, optical brighteners, whiteners, or fabric softeners as these additives can weaken the fibers.

For detailed care instructions, read our Care Guide.

Will my sheets shrink, and will they continue to fit my bed after laundering?

All cotton will shrink to some extent, but we cut our items to allow for shrinkage. Many of our linens are woven on extra-wide looms, which allows us to create wider sheets and deeper fitted sheets.

Why do some sheets lose their sheen after laundering?

Sateen sheets, after their first washing, will lose some of their shine and silkiness due to the construction of sateen weaves. Ironing will smooth the fibers and restore the sheen of the fabric.

Do I need to iron my cotton sheets?

People do prefer to have their sheets ironed for the most elegant appearance. However, many people do not iron their sheets, preferring the comfort of cotton and its slightly wrinkled natural state.

To help your sheets look as crisp as possible without ironing, be sure to not over-dry them. Wash in warm water with a cool rinse, dry on a low setting, and remove from the dryer promptly while they are still slightly damp. Hang or fold to smooth.

Minimal touch ups with an iron—on the cuff or return, for example—will give a crisper appearance, especially to embroidered sheets (be sure to iron embroidery on the reverse side).

How long will my bed sheets last?

With proper care, fine bed linens can last for many years. In order to assure the long life of your bed linens, it is best to alternate the use of each set on a weekly basis.

Three sets of sheets for each bed is a good guideline to follow: one on the bed, one in the wash, one in the closet.

Always follow the instructions on the care label and our Care Guide for detailed care tips. Keep in mind that over-drying or washing or drying on a hot setting is the single biggest factor in reducing the life of your sheets.

Do your fitted sheets accommodate deep mattresses?

Our bottom fitted sheets have 17” pockets to accommodate thick mattresses, even when topped with mattress pads or other cushioning. For thinner mattresses, you can simply tuck the excess fabric under your mattress, or contact Customer Service to place a custom-size order.


Which payment methods do you accept?

Prices displayed on are quoted in U.S. dollars by default.

SFERRA Outlet accepts all major credit cards for online purchases. At this time, we cannot accept payment by check or COD.

When will I be charged?

Your selected method of payment will be charged upon shipment. You may see a preauthorization as a pending charge upon submitting an order.

What if I need to modify or cancel my order?

Most orders placed prior to 12pm ET Monday – Friday are processed and shipped the same day. Therefore, once your order is submitted there is a limited window of time during which an order may be cancelled.

Please note: no changes to an order can be made once an order has been submitted. If we are contacted prior to an order being packed and/or shipped, we may cancel the order and you may submit a new order.

If you wish to cancel an order, email or call 732-225-6290, 9am to 5pm ET Monday – Friday.

What is the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order by logging into your account or by contacting our Customer Service team.


For shipping information, please reference the Shipping and Returns page.


For returns information, please reference the Shipping and Returns page.


Does SFERRA Outlet offer any promotions?

On occasion, promotional offers may be advertised via Outlet emails, social media, on, or in other communications. Each offer is subject to change and is valid only on Offers cannot be applied to previous purchases and are not valid at or SFERRA retail partner stores.

Promotional offers cannot be redeemed for cash.